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Welcome to Tune Up your Computer - http://lamission.edu/online


There are a number of things to do to help your computer run faster.


First set up your computer settings


1. Browser - pick Firefox 2 - the best browser on the internet (much better than Internet Explorer) - see http://mozilla.com to download it.


2. Clean up your files on your computer - with Tune up Utilities 2010 - free - download it at  http://www.tune-up.com/products/tuneup-utilities/ - once downloaded then run the clean up on "start up manager" and make sure you have a minimum of programs open and running when you start up the computer. This will speed up your computer a lot.


3. Spyware - if you get any email you probably have ads running on your computer. download the free program "ad-aware" - download it at http://www.download.com/3000-2144-10045910.html


4. Download and install - free anti-virus - http://free.avg.com/



5. More Memory for your Computer - If you computer is still slow after you have done the above, you may want to get more memory for your computer. Contact the local PC Club - at http://pcclub.com and take your computer in for an memory upgrade, or for them to check out your computer and why it is so slow. Hope the above helps. Also make sure the settings on you computer are correct, see below information and instructions.

Settings to use for your Online Classes


1. Set Up Cookies - You must enable cookies and pop-ups when using this course management system. See how to set up "cookies" at - http://www.google.com/cookies.html If you do not know how to do either of these skills, refer to the Technical Help web page at: http://www.lattc.edu/lattc/on_line/techhelp.htm


2. Make sure you have Java Program - http://cccconfer.org/trainingCenter/determineIfJavaIsInstalled.aspx - If not then download the current version of Java. - http://cccconfer.org/trainingCenter/javaSunDownloadInstallInstructions.aspx - then enable java scripting at http://cccconfer.org/trainingCenter/enableJavaScripting.aspx


3. Open Office - If you do not have MS Word, etc. you can still download a free easy to use and full-featured office suite that supports all kinds of documents, including Microsoft Office, Acrobat PDF and Open Document Format. - see http://openoffice.org


4. Adobe Reader - Adobe Reader is a free software you can download and install on your computer so you can read files which might be in your online class in the PDF format. see - http://www.adobe.com/


Any other questions, go to http://lamission.edu/online and click on the Live Support Online Operator and if online, you can chat and ask questions, if "offline" then leave an email, and the online help desk will return your call, or call the Help Desk at 818-415-2015.


Enjoy your online class.


Problems Logging into your online class?


If you are having problems logging in, here are two possibilities


1. the class has not opened. Most online classes do not open until the first day of the semester or session.


2. Contact your online instructor - http://missiononline.pbwiki.com/faculty


3. Make sure you have selected the correct course management system for your online class. Our classes use etudes ng, or coursecompass, or moodle, or nicenet (Philosophy) - see http://missiononline.pbwiki.com/login


Prof J.



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